Peggy Hepburn

“I came to New Hampshire on my honeymoon and never left, the scenery and the people of the seacoast area have been an inspiration for me.”

Peggy moved to the seacoast area over 30 years ago from Detroit, Michigan. Since her arrival she has studied art at UNH as well as with several local artists, taking numerous courses with a focus on portraits and still life in both watercolor and oils. Additionally, Peggy has studied architectural/mechanical drawing and has taken studio classes in drawing, painting and sculpting.

“I’m a person of many facets which is reflected in the variety of mediums that I work in. I believe this has helped my ability to perform on many different levels.”

Peggy has volunteered as an artist at Maplewood Elementary School in Somersworth, NH. Here she provided an art program for different grades and classes and has set up multiple school wide projects. Additionally, she hosted Teachers Workshops for SAU 56 district, offering guidance to teachers on incorporating art related projects into their regular lesson plans. She has also been involved in the community by displaying mixed media art works and demonstrating various art techniques to audiences at the Somersworth Children’s Festival.

“My personal works are a reflection of my love for nature, but for my commissioned pieces I work closely with the client to capture their vision, to be the vehicle of their artistic impression.”

Peggy’s commissioned works have spanned a wide range of styles and mediums and include wall and ceiling murals, custom wall finishes, design and application of store front decorations, drawings of homes, illustrations for advertising, still life’s, landscapes, photography and a line of note cards.

“I believe that everyone has artistic ability. In order to bring this ability out you have to work through the blocks and allow yourself to enjoy being creative. The focus of my instruction as a private art teacher is to have my students think of art as fun, almost as childlike play and to relate art to their feelings. This enables them to feel good about their creativity and their accomplishments. ”

Peggy provides art lessons in Somersworth, NH, offering instruction in a variety of mediums to students ranging from elementary school age to teens and adults.



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